Vote on 3D Menagerie Projects

(direct link, if the embedded poll is not displaying for you. Note: click on the article title to see the poll at all!) Cast your vote for what avatar you’d like to see next! (You can vote once per week, so keep coming back if you MUST have something! ;) ) Potential Projects: Advertisements

3D Menagerie Comes to Second Life

Uh… or it will. Soon! 3D Menagerie is a Bloodsong Termagant company. It was founded in 2000 for the creation of Poser models, most notably the Heavy Horse, Wee Beasties, and Dragon Factory. The site is still up, along with its freebie repository. This site will host the information for the New 3D Menagerie […]

We Haz Tattoos

After some tweaking to get them to lay closer to the skin… The Deluxe Dolphin will have an optional tattoo layer. For things like special markings, scars, glowing runes, and flashing neon signs that say “Eat At Joe’s” or stuff :X ANYTHING! The melon and sides are set up for animating textures. The top, bottom, […]

Dolphin Update 6/6/18

No, not done YET. I am 99.9% done with all the animations. This does not include the falling animation, which I really, REALLY want(need) to re-do. Oh, and according to my notes, I need to fix the Sit animation. So make that 99.8% done. It also does not include adding a tweak to the Wink […]

Scehdule Version 2

Well! I got through 11 days of my “40 days left” schedule. Then realized I didn’t leave any room for 2D art assets. Oops. (“Unforseen Disasters”? Maybe…) Today I re-totalled everything I have left to do… and got 52 days. :/ Well, you know the first schedule was REALLY optimistic… I was a little more […]

Triumph of the Mesh

It was now version 20 of the Dolphin. I decided to go ahead and add in some of the face bones that I had considered ‘optional’ at the start. Since the jaw was screwed up due to the presence of the lower lip center, I thought I should be careful and put all the head […]

Dolphin Projections

Okay, I have made my (always over-optimistic) calculations on how much work is left to do on the Dolphin Project. As of 5/3/18, and taking into account sick days and days labeled “Unforseend Disasters,” the total number of working days to completion is….. 40. Good news! On day 1, I completed my tasks of FlyUp, […]

Furrikins Project

This is a custom creature design I’ve had kicking around for a while, now. The design is heavily influenced by the Creatures 3 alife norns. A little taller than a tiny, a lot like a furry, with Popeye huge forearms and shins. They have big eyes and ears and cute tiny muzzles. (Sorta like a […]

Dolphin Sneak Peek!

The Dolphin is almost done… relatively speaking, that is. The model is done (except some tweaking), the texture is done (except some tweaking), the animations aren’t done… and some stuff is wonky that needs fixing. (Those eyelids, I’m gonna end up ripping those off and using prim eyelids!!!) But I am excited! Why? Because I […]