Norwegian Lemming WIP 10/18/18

Getting into the face rig. Some interesting developments… and some horrible frustrations! How close is it to being done? Ughhhh… There’s a tonne of work left to do on the main body, not to mention the hands and all the fingers and the feet and toes! I haven’t exactly uvmapped as I’ve gone along, so…. […]

WIP 9/1/18

Lemming Head so far: He looks so cute and innocent when he’s sleeping, don’t he? ;D I’m still having terrible trouble with eyelids. I will have to switch to a more sophisticated blender modeling method, I think. With like shrinkwrap and stuff. And I keep forgetting he also needs ears…!

NLem WIP 8/28/18

Quick update for today… I built the arm real quick in Lightwave, then imported it into my Body file in 3D Coat. Got those mirrored and positioned on there, then a little moving and smoothing to make it blend with the body. Then I just combined the arms and body, and smoothed out the join. […]

Suddenly, I realized…

…if I want the lemming to be able to wear clothes… I’ll have to work on the fitmesh bones/controls!??!?! Wait… maybe that’s only if I let people use body sliders…? The world may be coming to an end… I started modeling in blender. A little. I tried to make a foot with metaballs and the […]

WIP August 11, 2018

So I decided to do the Norwegian Lemming next. Yesterday and today I spent some time gathering reference photos and making sketches. OMG, these things have GIGANTIC cheeks! I dared to work with metaballs in blender… and even tried that blasted “Instant Meshes” miracle program. (It don’t work for me, I can tell you!) Got […]

Dolphin Videos

I got some videos done for the Dolphin… on the last 2 days of my “vacation” :X This is the playlist. Including… How to safely unpack the Dolphin and get that pesky no-copy Discount Card out of it. How to wear and use your Deluxe Dolphin Add-ons. How to use the swimmer, and some gratuitous […]

It’s HERE! It’s OUT! The Dolphin is DONE!

OMG, I need a vacation!!! I just loaded my in-world vendor with the Dolphin Boxes. Didn’t do the marketplace yet. Didn’t do the Baby yet. The Baby is ready to go, I just need to get photos and do box art and OMG, it’s time to cook dinner…! MANY MANY THANKS to Catten Carter, ferret […]

Don’t Forget the Baby

Well, while I’m STILL working on the Dolphin QA for release, I had some time to polish up the baby dolphin avatar. No longer “Frankenbaby” with lumpy long head, and disjointed flippers (though its head still explodes with the expression animations)… I can now start calling the poor thing by its name KeKai! Sadly, my […]

Discount Coupons

I have purchased my in-world vendor system by Old Newman’s Script Concepts, which will allow me to implement my discount and upgrade ideas. The plan is this: every avatar will have a 25% discount coupon with it. (Except free ones.) If you buy a Basic avatar, and then want to upgrade to a Deluxe version, […]